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Looking for home loan options for your first home or first investment property or your next investment or home loan, Mortgage broker from VURA Home Loans will help you find home loan that meet your need.

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Find a home loan that is best for you is daunting, there are a lot of things that go wrong, especially if this is you first time buying a house.

Should you go with fixed or variable, principle or interest only home loans, how can offset account can help you save.

Contact us now, our mortgage advisor the help not only get the right loan but help you understand home loan basics.

Home Loan Guides

  • First Home Loan Deposit Scheme
    FHLDS is Australian Government initiative to support first home buyers to purchase their home sooner.
  • What is a fixed interest rate?
    What is fixed interest rate home loan? A fixed interest rate home loan is that does not change over the predefined course of your home loan. It is an alternate to variable interest rate and split rate home … Read More
  • Stamp Duty in New South Wales
    How much is Stamp Duty in New South Wales? Stamp Duty in New South Wales (also known as Transfer Duty or Duty) is a tax paid upon purchase of a property to NSW Revenue taxes and duties. The … Read More
  • What is Lenders Mortgage Insurance?
    What is LMI or Lenders Mortgage Insurance? LMI or Lenders Mortgage Insurance is a one off, non refundable payment made by borrower to lender, to protect lender in an event of default (borrower unable to make mortgage repayments). … Read More


How much home deposit do i need?

It varies scenario to scenario, but its always recommended to have initial deposit of about 20% of home value. The reason main why you should have at least 20% deposit is, because if your might have to may Lenders Mortgage Insurance.

How much can i borrow?

The borrowing power or how much your can borrow depends upon number of reasons such as your annual income, monthly expenses, martial status, number of dependents and monthly repayments.
Your borrowing power can be different with different lender, Contact VURA Mortgage Broker to find out how much you can borrow.

How much stamp duty do i have to paid?

The amount of stamp to be paid varies state by state, but if you are buying you first home you may not have to pay stamp duty. Your may also be eligible for first home owner grant.

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