What is stamp duty?

What is Stamp Duty or Duty?

Stamp duty (also called transfer duty or duty) is tax charged by Australian state and territory governments on certain transaction types. Stamp duty in Australia is generally paid when you buy a property, motor vehicle registration and transfers, insurance policy or asset.

The amount of stamp duty to be payed depends on the type and value of your transaction.

Stamp Duty Concessions and Exemptions

You may be eligible for a concession or exemption from paying your stamp duties. Stamp Duty and stamp duty concessions or exemptions varies between states and territories.

Australian States and Territories Stamp Duty Calculators

State or TerritoryAll States or Territories WebsitesStamp Duty Calculator
Australia Capital TerritoryACT Revenue Office dutieswww.revenue.act.gov.au/self-assessment-tools-and-forms/calculators/conveyance-duty-calculator
New South WalesNSW Revenue taxes and dutieswww.apps08.osr.nsw.gov.au/erevenue/calculators/landsalesimple.php
National TerritoryNT Government stamp dutyhttps://nt.gov.au/property/buying-and-selling-a-home/settle-the-sale/stamp-duty-buying-or-selling-a-home/conveyance-calculator
QueenslandQLD Treasury transfer dutyhttps://www.qld.gov.au/housing/buying-owning-home/advice-buying-home/transfer-duty/how-much-you-will-pay/calculating-transfer-duty/estimate-transfer-duty
South AustraliaRevenue SA stamp dutyhttps://www.revenuesa.sa.gov.au/taxes-and-duties/stamp-duties/calculators/stamp-duty-on-conveyances-calculator-new
TasmaniaState Revenue Office Tasmania dutieshttps://www.sro.tas.gov.au/property-transfer-duties/property-transfer-duty-calculator
VictoriaState Revenue Office Victoria land transfer dutyhttps://www.e-business.sro.vic.gov.au/calculators/land-transfer-duty
Western AustraliaWA State Revenue dutieshttps://apps.osr.wa.gov.au/portal/0/home
All Australian States and Territories stamp Duty ( Land Transfer Duty or Duty) official websites along with their calculators.

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